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Kindigo Interactive has a simple intent: we want to make it better. We are here to help your business flourish through a combination of understanding, best practices and innovation. We are your clients – what drives you, motivates us. This cohesion is possible because we share the same beliefs as you, and our intent is always positive.

We create successful Digital Marketing campaigns for clients that value:


It is our belief that this journey begins with nurturing the self, and as such we partner with clients in healthcare, sport, fitness, nutrition, and other holistic practices that benefit a healthy, balanced body.


We support brands working in sustainable developments such as permaculture, renewable energy, chemical-free products and practices that harmonize with nature. We need to care for the place we all call home.


Aligning with partners who advance the conscious being such as those in education, mental health, psychology, kinesiology, mindfulness and meditation, we hope to expand the mind to greater heights.


By partnering with organisations and individuals who creatively express themselves such as artists, musicians, performers, we seek to find true passion points that connect us all.



Quantum Kindigo Physics

Our fluid, agile process is constantly evolving to match the ever changing and fast paced digital world via a sequential framework that is both relevant to the audiences we communicate with, and considers the devices, channels and platforms they interact with.   


Strategies are developed in line with your goals and ultimate values.


Tactical plans are implemented in a concerted effort.


All performance is measured, so we know where we are at all times.


Campaigns are evaluated at each step, so we know we’re always headed in the right direction.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve, integrating new ideas into the next round of strategy.

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