A different perspective

Kindigo Interactive is driven by the passions of like-minded individuals who simply want to make things better. Coming together with this clear intent, they aim to approach business and digital marketing from a holistic point of view, collaborating with brands who share the same core values of wanting to have a positive effect on the world.

The Kindigo team is the epitome of agile. Born into a world with technology in its infancy, the creators grew with the digital age, adopting far earlier than most, and growing as the technology did.  Adapting to – and moving with – change is inherent to their being. Their best practice has been honed through decades of learning new developments, understanding the new technology, and adapting and innovating with these changes.

Motivated by the passions of their clients, and the desire to see a positive impact on the world, the team behind Kindigo Interactive consist of talented designers, web masters, developers and copywriters who also share this core value set. Each project is a chance to collaborate with organistations who want to be the difference in the world. It is their fundamental belief that by working with clients who share these beliefs, powerful change is possible.



We believe that the body should be nourished and that taking care of our own bodies is where it all starts. We actively engage in a balanced body mindset from practising yoga to meditation, and nourishing our bodies with organic planet-friendly foods. We partner with clients who are advancing health care, sport and fitness and other holistic practices that benefit a healthy, balanced body.


From taking care of the self, the next step is taking care of each other and the universe we inhabit. The environment is the support of body, and part of the bigger picture of our existence. As such we support brands with sustainable developments such as permaculture, renewable energy, chemical-free products and practices that harmonize with nature.


To be actively engaging the mind by challenging it to learn the new is something we strive for each day. Whether we learn through life experience, ongoing formal training programs or workshops, we seek to understand ourselves via explorations into self-help, mindfulness, expanded awareness and presence.


The final piece of the experience is that which connects it all: the soul.  Human experience expands beyond the physical or tangible to interconnected passions that drive us to do what we do.  This connection is heightened by interaction with the arts, and the community. We believe that nurturing this aspect of us is vital to developing a well-rounded, evolving and successful organisation and want to help you express your highest business potential.