Taking care of the body is where the journey begins, which is why we believe nourishing the body through healthy practice and lifestyle is the key to a balanced life.

This pillar focuses on groups of people interesting in health, wellbeing and other healthy body practice.  We understand this new collective of like-minded people that are connecting through mindful practice that balances the body, the conscious and the soul.

This group is not concerned with fast fashion or yoga as a trend. Their healthy practice is a life-long commitment, a choice to take care of their inner – and outer – selves.

Their body, and the way they use their body is not a competition, and their media habits reflect this. They use platforms that encourage collaboration, cultivate ideas, inspire and give a sense of community. They share interesting ideas that they believe willhelp others, not impress them. They understand that happiness is not found through a number of ‘likes’.

Simplicity is key to their lifestyle. They want the outside noise to be filtered, to find the quiet, the detail in the information that will help determine their truth. They search for answers through many channels, but use these findings to assess their own beliefs and create their own conclusions. This simplicity transcends to their aesthetic, and these types are instinctively drawn to the organic: structures, fabrics, places and food. Authenticity is important to this group, as they don’t want to try a million products. They just want the one that does what it promises, gives results and is authentic.

With this community in mind, on your website it would be helpful to include videos introducing staff, teachers or instructors. This type of video helps people form a bond and connect with the brand on a personal level.

To engage on social media can be tricky with such a discerning crowd. Understanding their needs, and why they use a platform is the key to engagement. Month or week long social challenges that will see them connect with like-minded people in the community and share results and positive affirmations through the channel would be a good idea here.