Challenging the mind by actively engaging it in new learning is how we connect to greater consciousness of being. Through formal training, mindfulness and open communication we create human connection and awareness a higher self. This pillar connects with those working towards a greater consciousness, awareness of the self and the community around them.

This group are a likeminded collective focussed on developing the individual mind and global consciousness. From community groups that focus on schooling youths to educating adults in specific niches, they are seeking ways to develop and expand their mental capacity so that these groups can also be active, aware members of society.

The conscious types are media junkies – data rich and time poor – constantly seeking more information to further enrich their lives. This does not necessarily translate to screen time however, as this group also invest in live experiences like workshops, short courses and TED talks.

This thirst for knowledge also extends to practises relating to calming and quieting the mind. In fact, this is an integral practice for this group, and one of the areas of rapid growth. Practising mindfulness is their chance to repair, to calm the busy mind from all the information it’s receiving, and to regenerate, in order for the mind to be able to receive more.

To reach this rapidly expanding group, creating content that ignites thought is essential. As they like to invest in e-learning and online courses, having short thought-provoking video lectures about topics is a great digital asset for your site.

This also should be integral to your email marketing strategy where timely and useful information can be shared to your network via embedded podcasts, short articles and other rich media pieces.