Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to leverage your existing clientele and fan base. These are some of your most loyal customers who have actively chosen to receive your messages, and they provide a wealth of prospects that are being under utilised. Forget what you may have heard about email marketing in the past and remember the old sales adage that it’s far easier to sell to a client you already have than convert a brand new one.

Our experience combined with that of our kickass design, copywrting and tech team will help you grow your database and motivate them to convert like never before.

We will provide you with:

  • Email Marketing strategy
  • Email Marketing campaign development and execution
  • Split testing
  • Reporting

What makes a successful Email Marketing campaign?

Each email you send to this valuable database should have a purpose, one that compels the user to carry out a desired action. Whether that be to sign up, call a number, use an offer, click on a link or purchase something, you must have a clear idea of your end goal, yet at the same time offer value to your customer.

Therefore a successful campaign will be one that achieves those goals. It will elicit actions and shares. It may bring in new users, have a successful open rate, low bounce rate, and of course it will retain your subscriptions. If someone unsubscribes as a result of your email, you have not offered them any value… so are you then achieving your objectives?

Marketing Automation and lead nurturing 

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked as part of your campaign. It allows you to create workflow patterns of automated responses that will help nurture your leads into conversions.

Firstly, you can collect the information gathered from the user’s actions to your automated responses. This will help you to design and serve more targeted information to these customers based on their needs. And of course, as it’s automated it will save your company time.

Our recommended software providers will offer you the best automation services available and we’ll advise the actions you should take to meet your objectives.

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