Taking care of each other and the universe we inhabit is an essential part of a balanced self. After all, the Earth is what is fundamentally supporting our bodies, which is why this is a key pillar of our brand.

The planet group’s primary goal is to live in harmony with nature, and to regenerate what has already been tarnished. They yearn for understanding and thrive on learning about nature, spending as much time as they can in natural environments. They gain energy and clarity from these surrounds but they are not passive bystanders, – far from it.

They understand that if they are to achieve this harmony things need to change – and they are passionate about creating that change.
Together they are taking action to improve the standard of living for themselves, their family, friends and the world. Community is important to them and they connect and engage with communities who serve their collective outlook and are in line with their goals. They are active members of this community, participating, volunteering and spending time whenever feasible.

Their ethics are at the centre of their being, and this drives all their consumer choices. Where possible they try to buy locally grown, and will always make a choice that is ethically sourced, fair trade and sustainable in all aspects of their consumer life.

Social media serves the purpose to gain more knowledge, create awareness and inspire action. They follow groups working towards working towards a sustainable future, those interested in making positive impact, and those with new innovative solutions to environmental issues. The brands they choose to interact with have ethics that mirror their own – brands that are carbon neutral, use recycled materials, do not test on animals and are working towards a better future.

Authenticity is important to this group, so if your brand has a certification such as Australian Certified Organic, communicating this prominently on your website is essential. This will validate your communicated promise and acts as a significant trust builder.

Building relationships with other trusted organisations will also be key to your brand success. Noteworthy organisations can act as brand advocates, and when this audience reads favourable reviews on sites they already trust, by association they will trust your brand too. This is why building solid foundations with other respected organisations will be vital to your success.