We believe in taking a human approach to social media and therefore don’t use this space to direct sell. Social media about engagement and consumers connecting with your brand through content, conversation and two way interaction. It’s how they get a sense of who you truly are as a brand and if they want to align themselves to you.

What we can provide you:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Community Engagement
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Split testing + Reporting

What Social Media Marketing should I be using?

Nowadays people trust the information they receive via social media more so than traditional marketing. This is because they don’t feel as though they are being marketed to, and the information is delivered in a more palatable format that traditional advertising. And of course, then there is the power of the share button. This peer referral acts as a pre-approval stamp, and gives your brand an authentic, trustworthy edge. 

Social Media Strategy is multi-faceted. The first step is to create social accounts that complement your product.  If you’re a B2B organisation a LinkedIn strategy will be more suitable than a B2C organisation which could focus more on Facebook.  Again, you need to understand your audience and how they like to communicate, then choose the platforms which do this best. Then, a content plan will need to be put in place, and updates will need to be made regularly, with constant attention and interaction to ensure a two way conversation. The most important part of social is remaining authentic to your brand and its values. This is what will resonate with the audience.

Paid social media advertising

While organic Social Media engagement is vital to your business, it can also be useful to promote your brand through Paid Social.  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Advertising can attract more followers and eventually lead to increased traffic and conversions.  We utilise the user data available to us to expand your social reach to targeted profiles and group.

Get social with us today.  We’ll build your community and give you a trusted, authentic voice.