The final Kindigo pillar is source – the soul that connects all other components. This connection to the self – and to others – though passion, the creative arts and the community, is vital to a balanced being.

Those belonging to this group highly value creativity, freedom and expression above almost all else. They are seeking other souls or a soul family – people who understand and can connect to the emotions driving their art.

Whether through dance, music, writing, fashion, travel, art, theatre or performance, this group uses media platforms to connect to likeminded audiences around the world. They are not quick to jump on new trends or devote themselves overzealously however, as authentic connection is imperative to this type.

So, how then do you get this group to trust and engage with you? The key here lies within your own brand identity. First impressions will make a lasting imprint with this group. Your brand must visually resonate, connect with them on an emotional level and show understanding of the creative process. These elements are integral to all touch points of your brand including digital design, UX, copywriting, and your content marketing strategy.

In this instance, utilising our award-winning designers and heavy-weight copywriters would be recommended as these creative souls can help connect with and understand the audience whilst bringing your brand identity to life.

Developing a content marketing strategy that is innovative, expressive and unique will speak to this group. With social media platforms and websites you’ll need to think outside the box for example running a collaborative, art based campaign, promoted through your social media channels is likely to engage this creative crowds.